Angličtina je na této pozici nutná, proto je inzerát anglicky.

As Behavio Labs we have helped hundreds of companies improve their marketing campaigns in the past few years. By analyzing various campaigns in all stages we learned how to make the most effective campaign, from brief to the final cut.

Now we switched gears and decided to develop a unique software tool that applies all the know-how - because all marketers deserve their own Productboard. Our current goal is to bring this tool to the most important market: the US. If we can get a foothold there, it will open doors in other markets. Sounds interesting?

We are looking for a Project Manager who will lead our development team of 6 people. Read more about our tech team and their work here. The Project Manager is responsible for planning, organizing and directing the completion of projects and runs the daily agenda of the IT department (managing issues, keeping track of current progress). Our CTO is at the helm for the technology and architecture part, you will get your freedom in the delivery part.

How do we picture you?

  • You love effective communication - with your peers, subordinates and other stakeholders.
  • You’re able to push every project to the finish line.
  • You have good attention to detail. You’re delighted by perfect documentation or polished UI.
  • You think two steps ahead, and embrace changes.
  • You empower your team to make decisions and encourage them to grow professionally.
  • You are available 4 to 5 days a week. We expect you to be with us in the office for at least two days a week.

These are some of the questions you will face in your daily work:

🎯 Does everyone in my team know what to do? Isn't the quality of our documentation delaying anyone from completing their tasks?

🎯 Do I provide valuable feedback instead of sole criticism? How are my colleagues doing? Do I know how to cheer them up? How do I help my teammates grow?

Technology we use (you don't have to know it all):

  • Services written in Python (3.x), Go and Node.js that expose REST APIs
  • React, WebComponents, Firebase, Polymer on the frontend
  • TypeScript / ES7 across the stack
  • PostgreSQL as our relational database
  • A few VMs, Docker builds, Google Cloud Run or Functions for deployment and DevOps
  • Google Cloud infrastructure, often made easier by Firebase

And what’s in it for you?

🖥 Hardware of your choice.

🏢 Beautiful office in DOX+ in Holešovice.

🕰 Flexibility when it comes to working hours and home office.

🥪 Free breakfast every morning, 'social' lunch on Tuesdays and snacks and fruit all day long.

🚲 Multisport card, bike-friendly working space.

🎓 English lessons.

💪 Wonderful team!

Handy to know about us

We are a little over 40 people and growing. Deloitte has identified us as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the Czech republic. We have a flat organizational structure built around our five founders, and we are used to very open and frank communication. Our office is located in an offbeat space DOX+ in Holešovice, right next to the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, where we enjoy free admission as one of the perks. To change the work scenery from time to time we organize regular hackathons or half-work, half-leisure offsite events.

We are aware of the power of our psychological weapons - we don't share our insights with businesses that negatively impact people’s lives. Hence, we reject even some very lucrative deals.